Saturday, March 31, 2007

I know, I know. It's been forever since I've touched this blog. What can I say, life has gotten in the way. Between TMJD and resurrecting dead laptops, I'm trying to graduate and nail down a job for after graduation. Let me tell you, it's been frustrating. All these people act like they want you so bad because you're graduating from college, then when they realize most of you work experience has been of a human nature kind, suddenly you're not so bright and flashy enough to sell their retail products. No, I don't want to really work in retail because I won't be changing the world in any way whatsoever, but sheesh, I got student loans to pay off and sadly, those are the jobs that will enable me to make significant payments. Frustrating.

I've also been debating getting a pet. Seeing as I have allergies to cats and most dogs, I need to find something that won't kill me. I was really stoked on a turtle for a while, but got pretty depressed when I realized that he would outlive me and possibly 2 generations if I procreate. Fish have such a short lifespan and that's just too much heartbreak for me to handle so frequently. I've finally narrowed my choice down to a rabbit, but of course, I'm still deciding what kind of rabbit. Male, female, baby, adult, lop, rex, who knows? I'd like a litter trained adult because I wouldn't have to worry too much about letting s/he hop around loosely the house. Housing says that rabbits are allowed but only in cages, but c'mon, they don't require indoor cats and dogs to be caged.

Well, sorry to disappoint but I do not have any pictures to post yet. I am working on my first pair of socks thanks to my sock obsessed knitting buddy Opal. I am knitting Jaywalkers, a pattern I'm sure many are familiar with.

Well, it is late and I must try and go to bed. I guess a job where I can work into the wee hours wouldn't be out of the question.