Sunday, May 13, 2007

So much has happened in just the past week: My little Clover died last Saturday. I spent the entire day at the ER vet on pins and needles and while she came home alright, she died within an hour. I felt so horrible and cried all night, but finally had to come to terms that I did the best I could have done and while my intentions were good, I should've gotten more guidance for proper care. I wanted to cremate her, but I could not bear the thought of her little body going into the incinerator, so I got up early on Sunday morning, mowed the lawn, dug a hole, and buried her with her toys. I look out at the mound everyday and it's getting somewhat easier, but it still hurts.

On a happier note, I graduated from UH Manoa today. Three of my friends are here from Texas and New York to celebrate with me and we've been having a good time. I've taken on the role of tourist with them and have been enjoying Oahu through that perspective. I'll post pictures soon as they are on my desktop and it's being used right now.

Well, I plan to be back at Aloha Knitters this Thursday, so hopefully some knitting will have taken place before then.